Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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Many (hsp) highly sensitive people do not even realize that they are highly sensitive.

They have been going about their life trying to keep up, trying to be normal, trying to do normal things but they are so greatly affected by these everyday things that are normal to everyone else and they don't know why.

They don't know why sometimes they want to run away.

They do not yet recognize that this is just a need to get some "me" time and replenish themselves.

They do not realize that they are continually emptying out what they must take time to put back in.

They do not realize that they must re-center and re - focus on a consistent basis.

They do not realize that special care must be taken of them for they are very fragile and very vulnerable.

They do not yet realize that they must be delicate with themselves and everything that concerns them.

A (hsp) highly sensitive person must realize that their very nature is delicate.

They have to begin to realize that harsh words can create great wounds inside of them.

Highly sensitive people must learn how to protect their heart.

Highly sensitive people are true treasures...

Highly sensitive people are very beautiful people but many have been severely wounded.
   For all of our highly sensitive people you must know that it is okay for YOU to heal...

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It is very important for highly sensitive people to keep their bodies fueled. 

It is easy for us to use up all of our energy without even realizing it. 

All we know is that all of a sudden we are totally depleted, dragging and starving and that's just the beginning if we don't get food real soon.

This is especially the case for those of us who are used to mashing our feelings away instead of dealing with them.

Whether it was for lack of time or we denied ourselves from feeling in different situations so we could help someone else to heal the result is the same. No matter how great our intentions were or how Noble, we still need to heal, restore and replenish ourselves.