Thursday, July 28, 2016

The HSP - Highly Sensitive Person


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                                            HIDING PLACES AND HSP
                                                 Highly Sensitive People

The highly sensitive person seeks hiding places for a couple of main reasons. One is to recenter refocus or recover so that they never hurt anyone else with the pain that they are going through.

Another is to prevent someone from hurting them. Even if they're doing it unknowingly, it still wounds the highly sensitive person nonetheless...

Sometimes we find ourselves caught in a catch 22, we know what you're doing is wounding us but because we have felt your woundedness, we can't move away unless we know you're better. Even if it means we have to lay our woundedness to the side until years later. But when it's time for us to heal, please don't think we're selfish, we've been in this hell for years.

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                                                                LOVE AND THE HSP
                                                       HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON

     The highly sensitive person has the ability to love beyond words. The highly sensitive person will love you to the n'th degree and beyond.  

It is inconceivable for the highly sensitive person to be without love though sometimes circumstances presents that very thing.

The highly sensitive person loves in detail. When a highly sensitive person cannot find a reason to love they will create one.

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                                                       HSP AND STRESS

For the HSP Highly Sensitive Person, stress can become the end of the world. Not because it is the end of the world but because stress devastates us. It will wreak havoc on our whole entire body. Stress affects everyone in different ways, but for the HSP it will literally take us to unmentionable levels...

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                          DON'T KNOW

Many (hsp) highly sensitive people do not even realize that they are highly sensitive.

They have been going about their life trying to keep up, trying to be normal, trying to do normal things but they are so greatly affected by these everyday things that are normal to everyone else and they don't know why.

They don't know why sometimes they want to run away.

They do not yet recognize that this is just a need to get some "me" time and replenish themselves.

They do not realize that they are continually emptying out what they must take time to put back in.

They do not realize that they must re-center and re - focus on a consistent basis.

They do not realize that special care must be taken of them for they are very fragile and very vulnerable.

They do not yet realize that they must be delicate with themselves and everything that concerns them.

A (hsp) highly sensitive person must realize that their very nature is delicate.

They have to begin to realize that harsh words can create great wounds inside of them.

Highly sensitive people must learn how to protect their heart.

Highly sensitive people are true treasures...

Highly sensitive people are very beautiful people but many have been severely wounded.
   For all of our highly sensitive people you must know that it is okay for YOU to heal...

                          BEING HIGHLY SENSITIVE AND HEALING

Highly sensitive people have a tendency to make sure everyone else heals even at the cost of their own life.

It's okay to care for others. That's our nature, but we must also realize that it is just as okay to care for ourselves. It's okay to heal.


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                           THE (HSP) HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON      

         The (HSP) Highly Sensitive Person will often feel like their world is too much.


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When you are highly sensitive the world around you Can be extremely challenging.

What's normal for the non - highly sensitive person Can totally overwhelm the person that is highly Sensitive.

The highly sensitive person can often find themselves being ripped to shreds by an unkind word, a look, even the slightest bit of insensitivity, different tones or An unkind gesture.

(HSP) Highly sensitive people, I have found, can be sensitive in every area there is as well as be an empath as well as see things before they happen and even see them while they're happening in another part of the world.

Loud sounds can make the HSP cringe. Smells trigger all types of emotions and it can be a subtle smell. It does not have to be strong for the HSP to be affected.

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Just a slight touch can take the HSP through so many changes.

One thing I've found that helps me is to make sure I remember to encourage myself on a daily basis. Quiet time is a must. But encouraging myself helps keep me from being depressed, keeps me centered and grounded.

Encouraging myself as a highly sensitive person, helps me when so many others do not understand my nature. When they try to treat me as if I'm normal when I'm everything but.

All the while, things that are normal to them, rakes me over the coals and plummets me into depths unmentionable.

It grieves my heart so severely when they think that I don't come around them because I don't like them.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

I love them so much it hurts. It goes to a degree that they cannot even fathom, nor are there any words that could ever express the depths.

And when I stay away, I'm repairing myself from the last time that we were together. What was normal for you, was damagingly tragic for me, and me being already wounded and not healed up, I could not take it.

Now maybe you'll have an inkling of what I go through on a daily basis.....


                                         BEING A HSP (highly sensitive person) AND
                                                                  AN EMPATH

     Being a highly sensitive person is challenging enough but, being highly sensitive and an empath will take you through so many more challenges and changes that you feel like you're about to explode.

You have to learn very quickly that it is a 'must' that you do the things that you like. For like for others is a deep - seated love for you

It's like taking mini vacations. It's so refreshing, so exhilarating and so needed...

                                                            DAD'S 💘 LOVE

Take my hand, when the way seems a little shaky for you. I'm praying for your strength. For the things that HE shows me for you...

Stop trying to figure it out and just trust what He's saying to you.

I love you. I designed you. For my purpose, for what i had in mind for your life. Let's talk...

Lovely ones,
  flesh can be a mofo but in the spirit we override what it wants, what it thinks and and everything that comes at us, everything that tries to make us sick, everything that tries to make us do what we know is not good and if there be any other thing...

Precious ones,
  flesh is a mofo unchecked.

Check yourself. Then take time to correct yourself so that Dad and our Heavenly Father does not have to correct you.

Flesh unchecked, undisciplined can get us into all kinds of trouble.

And whether we like it or not,

whatever we do has consequences,

whatever we leave undone, has consequences,

Even if we agree with somebody that's doing wrong we reap those consequences,

If we see wrong and do nothing, we get those consequences.

Even if we witnessed a wrong years ago and do not now, take time to pray for that situation and the people in it, because Dad says He will answer our prayers even before we pray, we will reap those consequences until we get before dad and deal with that thing or those things we do not want to face.
Why do you think the Holy Spirit keeps bringing it back to your attention?
Sweetie, you haven't dealt with it yet...

The scriptures tell us far, far be it from me that I should sin against the Lord and fail to pray for you.

meaning let me NEVER sin against You like that God!

Meaning not praying over a situation is sin when I know that God is able to do so much more than I can ever ask or think...

So precious ones, correct yourself less you step into the curses that are already set in place for those who don't.

Get in the blessed place.

Ask dad to help you,
He will,
He loves you
He loves you
He loves you
He loves you
He loves you
He loves you
He loves you
He loves you...